Yen Yen started writing music for real when she was around 20 and borrowed a guitar from her flatmate. You’ll be amazed by the number of songs you can come up with, with only 3 chords. Yen Yen was amazed, at least, and soon after she bought a guitar of her own. She still has it. It still works. It still gives her a song, once in a while.

In late 2008 Yen Yen started writing and recording music together with another musician, Andreas.  2009 it resulted in an EP with four songs called “Yen Yen”, handmade in a limited edition.

Some would call her a singer-songwriter but Yen Yen finds it hard to label her music. It’s something-in-between-a-lot, she says, mixing languages, beats and styles.
Her first full-length album “All the things I never say”, is no different. You’ll find more than one language represented here and the styles vary from Finnish fox to English waltz to French pop.

“All the things I never say” was released in beginning of June 2011, after about one year of songwriting and recording. “The title says it all. Some things are easier to sing than to speak”, says Yen Yen. For her, writing music has always been a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and truths that must be told.

“I think there’s a kind of magic in songwriting that can never be explained. The songs just appear, out of thin air, out of tears or out of love. All you need is a word or a note to begin and then it’s there, like it had been there all along inside of your mind. “

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