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Levottoman Sielun Laulu

Se on kylmä kesäpäivä
kun hän sulkee oven taas
Ja vielä kerran hän on varma
Hän ei enää tänne jää

Vaikka hän ei edes tiedä
minnepäin hän voisi mennä
Hän juoksee nyt nopeasti
horisonttiin päin
Ja sisällään se kuiskaa taas
Levottoman sielun ääni

Hän ei enää edes muista
milloin kaikki meni väärinpäin
Joskus hän haluaa vain jäädä
mutta se on liian vaikeaa

Taas tulee hiljainen ilta
Hän istuu meren rannalla
Täällä pohjantähden alla
elämä on aina vähän helpompaa

The Raccoon Waltz

I find a reason and lose it again
Who am I fooling, just call it a sin
I’ve come a long way, but sometimes I feel
like I am falling down on my knees

Just give me a word and I’ll paint it in black
It’s foolish to love, it strikes through your back
I’m drinking whisky and talking in vain
Could someone just tell me the rules of this game?

Don’t come here with your bow and your arrow
and tell me to play nice
Take a look at yourself this time
That is my advice

I try to remember, I promise I do
but some nights I’m standing here like a fool
Like a raccoon with her heart on her sleeve
always forgetting that love can deceive

I’m mute but I’m yearning, I’m fumbling for words
I keep on pretending, that’s just what I do
I’ve come a long way, but right now I feel
like I am falling down on my knees

There’s nothing to say, but my heart is on fire
I just cannot find my way out of this wire
My hands are melting, my feet start to boil
I hate it when things just spin out of control

Paper Planes

I’ll write this song on paper planes
and let the wind blow it away
‘cause all these words they burn my throat
they leave me howling at the moon

I’ll write this song ‘bout times to come
‘bout things that soothe my worried mind
I’ll write this song for all I’ve won
for all things yet to come undone

By the time that I will get there
I’ll forget the time I’ve lost
There’s no doubt that I will find it
I will see all had a cause

Through the dark you always find a way
you just walk ahead, you walk away
You will get there
just in time to see it through

Under the ruby sky tonight
I search for love, I search for light
Everything will have its time
You need to breathe
don’t try to run

For every corner that I turn
I’m getting closer to the truth
And when the morning comes anew
I’ll sing these words
I’ll sing to you

In The Storm

It’s so easy
when you’re outside
When you’re inside
you’re so blind

I don’t know why
we can’t see clear
when we’re caught
inside the storm

I won’t tell you
what to do now
You won’t listen

Girl, why you’re wasting your time?
You should get up and run
It’s high time to move on

Come November
you’ll stop waiting
for that day
that never comes

And by springtime
they’re forgotten
All those dreams
you used to own

We’ve all been there
don’t be sorry
We’ve all been there
In the storm

September Skies

Another Summer’s gone
We can never get it back
Wish that I could change
the way things are
the way life goes

When it’s good it’s good
When it’s bad you just want out
Running fast again
Fighting hard against the tide

Seems you never learn
how to play and how to win
Love will hit you blind
It creeps under your skin

When it’s time
we will find a place where we belong
So tonight
let us chase away the blues and wait
For that day
when the morning let’s us stay
We’ll be fine
Don’t you worry honey
We’ll be fine

Come along with me
September’s slowly fading out
We’ll go dancing one more time
on the shore as night slips in

We don’t need to talk
there is nothing left to say
We both know it’s time
You will go and I will stay

It Hits You As You Walk Away

It’s 8.16 in the morning, I’m trying to see
five good reasons to let it be
My mind is taking me on a ride
and it’s heading into overdrive

It’s 9.15 in the evening, I’m in control
I lost my way but I finally made it home
Despite the dark, I have an inner glow
though I won’t let it show

It’s like they always say
It hits you as you walk away
And by the end of the day
all you need is a reason to stay

It’s 2 a.m. in the morning, I’m walking home
I let my hair down and watch the stars above
Between my head and my heart there is an endless fight
and I don’t know who is right

Blackbird Nest

By the time the lights are growing dim
there’s no way to know where it begins
The feelings that flutter through and through

There are things you never should let in
Now it’s there, it’s underneath my skin
It’s wings so cold and black as night

Like a knife
it cuts right through your heart

I can’t really say that all is fine
but I’ll be nice and drink my wine
You can’t see the blackbird in my chest

But I swear I’ll never let it win
I will fight the war inside, within
I will pick the feathers ‘til it’s gone

Like a knife
it cuts right through your heart
It will only hurt you if you doubt

By the time the morning steals the sky
I rest my head, I wave goodbye
to all the blackbirds of the night

You will need to trust to set it free
You will need to break to let it heal
and in the end you might just win

La Vie Dans Une Bulle

Quand le jour devient la nuit
et tu sais plus où aller
Quand ton cœur ne veut plus rire
et ton voix ne peut chanter

Laisse tomber les mots noirs
Tu peux trouver le courage
Je te dis que tout va bien
Si tu oublies le chagrin

Viens, dans cet monde qui t’attend
Viens, c’est grand temps pour se changer
Viens, c’est la vie qui t’attend
Viens, craque la bulle qui t’enferme

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